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About the Farm

The nutrition farming techniques that Verne Fallstrom has implemented at Strawberry Hill Nutrition Farm™ have piqued the interest of farmers all over the world.

What could be healthier - or greener - than fruits and vegetables grown on an organic farm? Food cultivated with nutrition farming techniques, that's what!

No one could deny that Strawberry Hill Nutrition Farm™ offers some of the freshest, most healthful and nutrient dense produce around. Unlike an organic farm where some types of pesticide applications are acceptable, on a nutrition farm like Strawberry Hill, we don't use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Instead, we concentrate on soil health - ensuring it has the right biological balance of nutrients including trace minerals (AZOMITE®) to keep the plants healthy, which in turn keeps the pests away.

At Strawberry Hill Nutrition Farm™ we promote health. Come and experience the difference!
We have no doubt you'll be impressed!

Verne Fallstrom

Owner/Operator - Verne Fallstrom

With over 45 years of experience in geology, geophysics and geochemistry, Verne is both the brains and brawn of the group. As well as being a certified Master Gardener and Master Composter, in 2007 he studied nutrition farming in Australia with Nutritech Solutions. Strawberry Hill Nutrition Farm™ was started from nothing and became what it is today because of Verne's dream of growing healthy food, improving personal health and helping others, and it has been his lab ever since.

Verne's intention at Strawberry Hill Nutrition Farm™ is to take the simple concepts of nature and apply them in order to produce the most nutrient dense and delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs possible. "Study nature and work with her," as he says.
Visiting the Strawberry Hill Nutrition Farm™ will make you, too, a believer.